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William Kelly Major Works Commentary - Acts

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W. Kelly.

Part 2 of An Exposition of the Acts of the Apostles newly translated from an amended text.

Third Edition

Prefaces to the First Edition

[Acts 1 - 14]

The interesting and instructive nature of this inspired book, the complement of the Gospel by the same writer, has drawn out special commentaries not a few in ancient as well as modern times. Nevertheless it seems desirable that it should be set out in the light of the Holy Spirit's presence and action, as well as of our Lord's return: truths by no means adequately represented in any such work known to the author, conscious as he is of his own manifold shortcomings. He trusts, however, that the reader may be helped by such suggestions as are here brought together in His grace Who alone can bless, but Who loves to bless the feeblest through the name of the Lord Jesus which shines in the Acts from the beginning of the book to the end.

[Acts 15 - 28]

The reader has now before him the second volume of this exposition which completes the work. He who has devoted time and labour to this end, as he sought the gracious direction of our God, can but pray for His abundant blessing on His word where His children seek to grow in spiritual understanding and enjoyment of what is alike reliable and precious. The book is rich none the less because we have not much of the Twelve (notwithstanding its traditional title), though a great deal of Peter first, and of Paul last, and truly the last becomes first, whatever man might wish. But everywhere it is the Lord Jesus exalted on high, yet actively working by the Holy Spirit below, whether in the service of individuals in no way confined to apostles, or in the assembly as well as the kingdom of God. May grace recall believers to imperishable truth from the ever-swelling desire for development or invention, from confidence in human tradition or in the progress of the age: soon to be judged by Him Who is coming.


Originally published in two volumes, crown 8vo, the work is here reissued in one volume, demy.

London, May, 1914 [Editor]


The Exposition of the Acts of the Apostles by W. Kelly is a series of articles in The Bible Treasury (Vols. xiv-xviii; 1882-9). They were issued as two volumes in 1890, and again as a bulky single volume in 1914.

As these editions are now out of print and inaccessible, a new edition has been prepared for the use and profit of present-day readers and searchers of the Holy Scriptures, and particularly of the Book of the Acts.

The changes and corrections are few, relating mainly to some orthographical and similar details.

Mr. Kelly's translation of his amended text of the Acts which appeared separately in the preface to the second edition (1914) has in this third edition been attached to his comments on the verses as they occur.

The inspired history of the foundation of the church of God on earth at the descent of the Holy Spirit, along with its earliest institutions and practice affords invaluable guidance to those who desire in ecclesiastical matters to be ruled by the will of God rather than by the councils and organizations of fallible men. With this end in view, the new edition of W.K's commentary on that history has been prepared for reissue.

March, 1952

W. J. Hocking