William Kelly Major Works Commentary - Psalms 34:1 - 34:22

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William Kelly Major Works Commentary - Psalms 34:1 - 34:22

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(This is the second alphabetical composition yet more regular than Ps. 25 the first verse or title not forming part of the series. For one letter omitted, another is appended.)

"Of David, in his changing his judgment (i.e., feigning madness) before Abimelech, who drove him away, and he went."

This again is a distinct advance on the preceding psalm, beautiful and seasonable as it is. For here it is the heart rising from the most abject circumstances, if we heed the title, to bless Jehovah at every season; as the afflicted are expected to join when they hear. It is full of encouragement founded on proved deliverance.

It may be noticed that vers. 6-10 appear to be, not so much a continuation of what inspired David had been drawing from his experience, as an episode of the Spirit of Christ confirming and deepening all. From ver. 11 the psalmist pursues his task, with a heart now the more inviting others to join the chorus of praise. Ver. 20, we know, was literally true of the Lord, though Ex. 12 seems rather the scripture referred to in John 19.

These psalms (Pss. 35-37) are occupied with the evil, not only hostile to the righteous, but wicked in God's sight and against His rights, as we see in the first of them.