William Kelly Major Works Commentary - Psalms 40:1 - 40:17

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William Kelly Major Works Commentary - Psalms 40:1 - 40:17

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Christ chants His deliverance in connection with Israel and the earth. Hence 40 is more mixed with judgment at the close than we hear in Ps. 22. But His coming as incarnate to do God's will, in the setting aside of the sacrificial system by His own obedience unto death, is as plain as all-important.

"To the chief musician: a psalm of David." No one ever waited for Jehovah is Christ did, the eternal Son become His servant on the earth. In the roll of the book it was written of Him: He was the object of God's counsels before He became man. But it was His one aim too. Here the ears "dug" express His incarnation, as "opened" (Isa. 50) His daily dependence, and "bored" (Ex. 21) His devotedness in death and forever. He more than makes good all the offerings; His delight was to do God's will. He preached righteousness not to the little flock only, but to the great congregation if it seemed ever so vain; and their iniquities He took on Him (Isa_53:11), the true and effectual sin-bearer. Who like Him poor and needy, yet to be "very high?"