William Kelly Major Works Commentary - Psalms 78:1 - 78:72

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William Kelly Major Works Commentary - Psalms 78:1 - 78:72

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This is "An instruction, of Asaph."

The third of these three is alike full, beautiful, and important. It sets out the total failure of Israel under governmental dealings. Law, no matter what the long-suffering goodness that accompanies it, call only issue in the ruin of sinful man. Sovereign grace alone avails. The testimony Jehovah raised in Jacob was excellent, the law He set in Israel holy and good; but what could either avail, the people being what they were? "As many as an of works of law are under curse" (Gal. 3). It is but a ministry of death and condemnation. Real and stable blessing turns on God and His grace. Do what He would in nature or law, Israel brought Him but shame, with misery on themselves. Then did He choose Judah, Zion, and David, the pledge and security of ultimate blessing and triumph, when the children shall indeed learn to profit by their fathers' failure, the final and everlasting passage from flesh and law to the true Beloved and the grace that brings salvation.

These psalms (Ps. 79-85) beautifully follow up the moral instruction of Ps. 78, for the whole people's interest Godward.