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John Macduff Collection: MacDuff, John - The Morning Watches: MacDuff - Morning Watches, The

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By John MacDuff, 1852.

This little book is designed as a companion to the "Night Watches." It is hoped, by the Divine blessing, they may together form a humble auxiliary in promoting what is pronounced in the best of all manuals of devotion to be "a good thing"—the showing forth of God's "loving-kindness in the morning," and His "faithfulness every night" (Ps. 92:2.)

It may not be out of place to remark, regarding the verse which forms the key-note to each petition—"O Lord, in the morning I will I direct my prayer to You"—that the word "direct," in the original Hebrew, may literally be rendered, "set in order." It refers to the setting in order of the wood for the burnt-sacrifices in the temple of old. While the heart of the believer, according to this beautiful allusion, is represented as a spiritual altar, on which, morning after morning, he offers the oblation of prayer, this motto-verse may also serve as a magnet to keep the eye fixed, in each successive petition, on the great Antitypical Sacrifice, through whom alone it is that "the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts" are "acceptable" in the sight of God.

Though more strictly designed for private devotion, and therefore expressed in the first person, it is hoped, by the substitution of the plural pronoun, that the following pages may not be inappropriate for the family altar.

1. For Pardon of Sin

2. For Renewal of Heart

3. For Sanctifying Grace

4. For Support in Temptation

5. For Help in Trouble

6. For Comfort in Bereavement

7. For Light in Darkness

8. For Hope in Discouragement

9. For Wisdom in Perplexity

10. For Strength in Weakness

11. For Gratitude in Mercies

12. For Crucifixion of Sin

13. For Growth in Holiness

14. For Victory over the World

15. For Deeper Views of Self

16. For Brighter Views of Jesus

17. For Nearer Views of Heaven

18. For Weanedness from the Creature

19. For Lowliness of Mind

20. For Simplicity of Faith

21. For Consistency of Walk

22. For Singleness of Eye

23. For Filial Nearness

24. For Restoration to Favor

25. For a Pilgrim Spirit

26. For Preparation for Death

27. For a Joyful Resurrection

28. For the Conquest of Satan

29. For the Outpouring of the Spirit

30. For the Union of Your People

31. For the Coming of Your Kingdom