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Murray Andrew Collection: Murray, Andrew - Anthology of Works: 08 The Lord's Table

TOPIC: Murray, Andrew - Anthology of Works (Other Topics in this Collection)
SUBJECT: 08 The Lord's Table

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A Help to the Right Observance of the Holy Supper

by Rev. Andrew Murray


08.00 Preface

08.01 Part I The Week before the Supper

I. Sabbath The Divine Invitation

II. Monday The Preparation

III. Tuesday The Host

IV. Wednesday Self-Examination

V. Thursday Confession of Sin

VI. Friday Faith

VII. Saturday Self-Surrender

Saturday Evening--A Prayer for the Holy Spirit

08.02 Part II The Communion Sabbath

Sabbath Morning An Exercise of Faith

I. Take, Eat

II. In Remembrance of Me

III. My Blood

IV. The New Covenant

V. Unto Remission of Sins

VI. For Many

VII. For You

VIII. One Body

IX. The Cup of Blessing

X. Till He Come

Sabbath EveningThanksgiving

08.03 Part III The Week after the Supper

I. Monday The Power of the Food

II. Tuesday Sanctification

III. Wednesday Obedience

IV. Thursday Work

V. Friday Fellowship with Jesus

VI. Saturday The End


On the use of this little volume I would fain say two things which lie upon my heart.

The first is this: that the Christian who desires to make use of it must not be content merely to read and to understand the portion for the day, but must take time to meditate upon it and to appropriate it. I am convinced that one chief cause why some do not grow more in grace is that they do not take time to hold converse with the Lord in secret. Spiritual, divine truth does not thus become our possession at once. Although I understand what I read, although I consent heartily to it, although I receive it, it may speedily fade away and be forgotten, unless by private meditation I give it time to become fixed and rooted in me, to become united and identified with me. Christians, give yourselves, give your Lord time to transfer His heavenly thoughts to your inner, spiritual life. When you have read a portion, set yourselves in silence before God. Take time to remain before Him until He has made His word living and powerful in your souls. Then does it become the life and the power of your life.

And this brings me to the second remark which I desire to make. It is this: that the Christian must take special care that he do not suffer himself to be led away from the Word of God by the many manuals which in our days are seeing the light. These books will have this result, whenever a man seeks his instruction only in what the writer has to say, he then becomes accustomed to take everything at second hand. These books can become a blessing to the reader only when they bring him always to that portion of God’s Word which is treated of in order that he may meditate further upon it himself as from the mouth of God. Christians, there is in the Word of God an incredible power. The blessing which lies hid in it is inconceivable. See to it that when you have read a portion you always return to that passage of the Scriptures of which an explanation is given. Receive that not as the word of man, but, as it is in truth, the Word of God, which works mightily in those that believe. Hold fellowship with God through the Word. Take time to speak with Him about it, to give an answer to Him concerning it. Then shall you understand what the Lord Jesus says: The words which I speak unto you, they are spirit and life.” Then shall Word and sacrament gloriously work together, to make you increase in prayer and in the life of God.

That the Eternal God may bless this little volume also, to make His children learn His own Word, is the prayer of the author for all his readers.

A. M.

Copyright 1897

Fleming H. Revell Company

[Electronic Text Note: Scripture references in the original text were given with Roman numerals. Those have been converted to Arabic numbers in this electronic text.]