Keil and Delitzsch Commentary - Deuteronomy 12:32 - 12:32

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Keil and Delitzsch Commentary - Deuteronomy 12:32 - 12:32

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The admonition to observe the whole law, without adding to it or taking from it (cf. Deu 4:2), is regarded by many commentators as the conclusion of the previous chapter. But it is more correct to understand it as an intermediate link, closing what goes before, and introductory to what follows. Strictly speaking, the warning against inclining to the idolatry of the Canaanites (Deu 12:29-31) forms a transition from the enforcement of the true mode of worshipping Jehovah to the laws relating to tempters to idolatry and worshippers of idols (ch. 13). The Israelites were to cut off not only the tempters to idolatry, but those who had been led astray to idolatry also. Three different cases are mentioned.