Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Corinthians 3:10 - 3:10

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Corinthians 3:10 - 3:10

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Build on the Sure Foundation

1Co 3:10-23

We are called upon to contribute our share to the building of saved souls which is rising through the ages, to be an habitation of God through the Spirit, Eph 2:21-22. But in addition, we must not neglect the building of our own character on the one foundation, which is Jesus Christ. God has placed Him to be the foundation of every structure which shall stand firm in all the tests of fire through which we are destined to pass. We must needs go on building day by day. Whatever we do or say is another stone or brick. It is for us to choose which heap of material we take it from; whether from that of the wood, hay, or stubble, or from that of the gold, silver, or precious stones.

All things serve the man or woman who serves Christ. The lowliest life may be a link in a chain of golden ministry which binds earth and heaven. Our Lord was constantly described in the Old Testament as the Servant of God. He said that He had come down to earth to do His Father’s will. “I am among you as he that serveth.” When we serve Him as He serves the great purposes of God, then everything begins to minister to us. The extremes of existence, of creation, and of duration, all serve us.