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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 11:1 - 11:1

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a Heart Turned Away from God

1Ki 11:1-13

The practice of mixed marriages was in direct violation of the divine Law, Deu 7:3-4, and it led to idolatry. All around the Holy City arose heathen temples. It seems almost incredible that Solomon should have lent himself to such unblushing patronage of idolatry. His sin was aggravated by the great privileges he had enjoyed, 1Ki 11:9, and there was no escape from chastisement, 2Sa 7:14. The more privileged we are, the more disastrous our fall, and the more inevitable the penalty. If God loved us less, He might be more sparing of the rod. We are often punished with the rod of men, that is, we suffer at their hands; but God does not cease to love us. The father will listen at the door of the room of the child whom he has been compelled to chastise to detect the first sign of broken-hearted grief.

It is sad to witness the break-up of a noble ship. Listen to the boom of the successive waves: “His heart was not perfect”… “Did that which was evil”… “The Lord was angry”… “Behold, I will rend the kingdom.” But out of loving regard to David’s memory, one tribe was left. See 1Ki 11:12; 1Ki 11:32; 1Ki 11:34; 1Ki 11:38-39. Your children’s children will benefit as the result of your consecrated life. God will not forget.