Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 11:41 - 11:41

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 11:41 - 11:41

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the Wise King’s Foolish Son

1Ki 11:41-43; 1Ki 12:1-11

Solomon’s reign had been splendid but very oppressive, and it was reasonable to ask for some relief. The people felt that the accession of the new king gave them their opportunity, and apparently they took the first step in this momentous crisis. We are expressly told that Rehoboam came to Shechem. If this mighty gathering had been called by himself or his court, the people would have had to come to him at Jerusalem. Here was the muttering of the rising storm.

There was much wisdom in the counsel of the older men: “Serve them… then they will be thy servants forever,” This principle underlay the sacrifice of Calvary. “Thou art worthy to take the book, for thou wast slain,” Rev 5:9. It is because Jesus girded Himself with humility and washed our sins in His own precious blood, that He has ascended to the throne, not only of God, but of our hearts and lives. And He has taught us, that whosoever would become great must begin by being the servant of all. The proud and lofty in this world are served often enough with the eye-service that gives superficial obedience for wages and rewards, Eph 6:6, but what is this compared with that which is yielded by gratitude and love!