Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 14:17 - 14:17

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 14:17 - 14:17

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South Rivals Worth in Sinning

1Ki 14:17-31

Rehoboam’s mother’s name signifies beauty, and she may have been attractive in her person; but we are twice told that she was an Ammonitess, as if to emphasize the disastrous influence which she exercised over her son, 1Ki 14:21; 1Ki 14:31. In the earlier part of the chapter, there are tender reminiscences of David-that he kept God’s commandments, followed Him with all his heart, did what was right in His eyes. How dear is such a life to God! How He keeps it in remembrance! How He holds it up to veneration, notwithstanding a serious lapse! But this only serves by contrast to make the corruption of later times the more terrible.

The national sins compelled God to withdraw His environing protection. He no longer went out with their armies. The deterioration in the metal from gold to brass is an apt illustration of how the fine gold of character had become dimmed, Lam 4:1. To what may we not come if the grace of God is withdrawn! Well may the Apostle beseech us not to receive it in vain! When corruption sets in, the best and ripest becomes the worst. Traditional goodness-that of our parents-cannot save the soul from the inevitable drift. We must have our personal anchorage in God!