Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 17:8 - 17:8

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 17:8 - 17:8

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the Jar of Meal That Wasted not

1Ki 17:8-16

Even at Cherith we cannot be exempt from trial, and it is hard to sit beside a gradually dwindling brook. But God always provides. None of them that trust in Him shall be desolate. Whether the visible agents are ravens, or a poor heathen widow ready to perish, it matters little. God’s majestic “I have commanded” is enough. Whether it is ordinary or extraordinary, natural or supernatural, through Jew or Gentile, God’s purpose does not tarry.

Gentile help supplied what Israel might not give, Luk 4:25-26. God uses the weak and foolish things as well as those which are not, 1Co 1:28. Yet there were noble qualities in this woman. She did not complain, but went at once for the water; she was generous and hospitable, and believed that God would supply their need. How little did she realize the greatness of her reward, Mat 10:41-42! But her faith was great. She stood the test of making Elijah’s cake first, believing that afterward there would be enough for herself and her son. Though she little understood it, she had within her a spark of the same fire that burned in the soul of the great prophet; and therefore, when we all stand in our lot at the end of the days, Dan 12:13, her portion will be with the great prophets and heroes of faith.