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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 18:1 - 18:1

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Behold, Elijah!

1Ki 18:1-15

“The word of the Lord came” to Elijah on four successive occasions- 1Ki 17:2; 1Ki 17:8; 1Ki 18:1; 1Ki 19:9. God has many things to say to us, if we will only listen. His word may find us in very different places, and direct us to varied duties; but to live by it is to execute the perfect plan of life.

Obadiah was a good man, but weak. He did his best to shield the prophets and to keep the true light from becoming extinguished- 1Ki 18:13. But court favor had corrupted him. He stood before Ahab, while Elijah stood before God. Our Lord said that soft raiment and the king’s court go together, Luk 7:25; and in the enervating atmosphere of a palace, it is granted to very few to retain the spirit and power of Elijah or of the Baptist. Who would not rather be Elijah than Obadiah! Elijah dared confront Ahab as the troubler of Israel, while Obadiah daily feared for his own life. Elijah rooted up idolatry, while Obadiah endeavored only to check its excesses. Obadiah sought grass for the royal steeds, but Elijah’s prayer brought the rain. Let us dare to stand for God, though we stand alone!