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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 2:1 - 2:1

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New Responsibilities for the New King

1Ki 2:1-9

1Ch 28:1-21; 1Ch 29:1-30 should be read as coming between this and the preceding chapter. It was with a ripe knowledge of life that David urged Solomon to keep God’s charge, to walk in His ways and do His commandments, as the sure road to prosperity. The guiding-star of David’s life- 2Sa 7:25 -shone over him in death. God never goes back on a word that he has once spoken. He continues His word-only we must walk before Him in obedience and faith, that it may have free course.

At first sight, we might suppose that the old king cherished bitter feelings against those named in this parting charge; but it should be remembered that he speaks here from a public, rather than a private, standpoint. He knew that these men constituted a grave peril to the peace and stability of the State; and indeed his fears were abundantly justified, for each of them was discovered in acts of treachery, on account of which, and not because of David’s words, he suffered death. David held that the claims of gratitude were not less binding than those of justice; hence his warm recommendation of Barzillai. “Show thyself a man” was good advice to a youth called to rule in turbulent times.