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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Kings 2:36 - 2:36

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Presuming and Perishing Therefore

1Ki 2:36-46

Shimei broke the one condition on which his life had been given back to him, and could have no just cause of complaint against the king. It may be argued that his offense was a trifling and excusable one, but we must remember that it was committed not only against the royal commandment, but against the oath of God, 1Ki 2:43. By this one act he forfeited all claim upon Solomon’s clemency.

We are here reminded of the parable of the two debtors in Mat 18:28, etc. The debtor who owed the most had been released, and we naturally look to see the forgiven man’s glad forgiveness of his brother, who was, in turn, indebted to him. But, so far from forgiveness, there was rough retaliation. This canceled the first offer of pardon and it was withdrawn. So this act on the part of Shimei was fatal in its effect. The Jews were doubtful as to the forgivableness of presumptuous sins, and our Lord also taught that there is a sin against the Holy Spirit which cannot be forgiven. May God’s Holy Spirit Himself preserve us from this!