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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Peter 1:13 - 1:13

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Redeemed and Purified

1Pe 1:13-25

The appeal for a holy life is enforced by considering the great cost of our redemption and the great hope which is opened before us. Ours must be the girded loins, lest our desires trail after forbidden things, or be sullied by the mud on the road. We must be holy, as God is: and this can be realized only when we allow God, by His Holy Spirit, to pour Himself into our natures.

There is no fear like that which love begets. We do not fear God with the fear of the slave or felon, but with the fear of the love that cannot endure the thought of giving pain to the loving and loved. Who can think of returning to Egypt, when such a Passover lamb has redeemed us! Our redemption was not an after-thought with God. It is part of an eternal plan; let us not get entangled in the meshes of mere earthly ambition. Notice the familiar combination of faith, hope and love, 1Pe 1:21-22. But these graces are only indigenous in those who have been twice born by the Spirit through the Word.