Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Peter 2:18 - 2:18

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Peter 2:18 - 2:18

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Following the Shepherd of Souls

1Pe 2:18-25

The argument from this point seems to be: Since you have been redeemed, live worthily of your heavenly calling in relation to your fellow-believers, to God, and to the state, 1Pe 2:17; to your employers, 1Pe 2:18; to husbands, 1Pe 2:1; to wives, 1Pe 2:7; to everyone, 1Pe 2:8.

Some of the tenderest words in the Epistles are addressed to the household slaves, who constituted a very important part of the primitive Church. Masters and mistresses had absolute control over their chattels; and might put them to death without interference from the state. The Apostle endeavors to cheer them while bearing their nameless wrongs. They were to bear all their sorrows patiently and silently, following in the footsteps of their Lord, and certain that He would vindicate them.

Let employees remember that they have been placed in worldly and ungodly homes as lamps on dark landings, in order to bear witness to Jesus by the simplicity and beauty of their conversation. And the way of the Cross is the only safe way for us all, if we would keep in touch with our Shepherd and Protector.