Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Peter 3:13 - 3:13

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Peter 3:13 - 3:13

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Following Christ in Bearing Injustice

1Pe 3:13-22

It was said of Archbishop Cranmer that the way to make him a life-long friend was to do him some disservice, and surely these words of the Apostle have created many characters of the same type. The one aim and purpose of life should be to sanctify Christ as Lord; that is, to put Him on the throne. Let all the powers of our nature stand around to do His bidding, as the courtiers of a royal sovereign.

Keep a good conscience! Remember you have to live with yourself! A good conscience is the best bedfellow! Paul exercised himself always to have a conscience void of offense toward God and man, Act 23:1; Act 24:16. This is especially necessary when we are called on to give our witness for our Lord. We must not keep silent when we ought to speak, and when we speak we should do so reverently, simply and without heat.

Our Lord seems to have carried the news of redemption through the world of disembodied spirits. The Apostle compares baptism to the deluge, because it lies between the believer and his old worldly life, as Noah’s flood lay between the old world and the new which emerged from its waters.