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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Peter 4:1 - 4:1

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the New Life in Christ

1Pe 4:1-11

The Apostle urges the disciples to make a clean break with sin. As our Lord’s grave lay between Him and His earlier life, so there should be a clean break between our life as believers and the earth-bound life, which was dominated by lawless passions. Sometimes God employs the acid of persecution or suffering to eat away the bonds that bind us to our past. Let us accept these with a willing mind. The one condition of reigning with the enthroned Christ is to submit to His cross. Of course, we must die to animal instinct, to the blandishments of the world, and to the temptations of the evil one; but it is quite as important to die to our self-life, whether it be clothed in white or black!

We are summoned to a life of prayer. But in order to promote fervency in prayer we must be sober-minded and self-controlled, 1Pe 4:7; loving, 1Pe 4:8; and faithful to our stewardship of all God’s entrusted gifts, 1Pe 4:10. Let us cultivate the invariable habit of looking up from our service, of whatever kind, to claim the ability to do it for the glory of God, 1Pe 4:11.