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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Thessalonians 2:1 - 2:1

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the Fruit of Unsparing Labor

1Th 2:1-12

Paul preached in great conflict of soul because of his passionate desire for the salvation of men. In this, many of the notable servants of God have shared; and we shall not attain to the great end of our ministry unless the seeds we sow are steeped in prayers and tears. The Apostle viewed the gospel as a sacred deposit left with him by God on man’s behalf, 1Th 2:4. Do we sufficiently realize that as Christ is our Trustee, entrusted with God’s gift for us, so we are executors of His bequests to our fellow-men, who will have serious charges to bring against us if we hoard for ourselves what was meant for them? The questions which should sustain and quicken us are: “What does God think of my service?-Is He pleased?”

Combined with Paul’s strength of purpose there were the sweetness and tenderness of a nurse. Self-denying labor for his own maintenance took from his eyes their needed sleep, and was another proof of his sincerity and devotion. There was no harm in receiving gifts, but Paul was most anxious to do nothing that would invalidate his testimony, or be unworthy of the Master he served. Admirable example for us all!