Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Thessalonians 5:1 - 5:1

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Thessalonians 5:1 - 5:1

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Ready for “the Day of the Lord”

1Th 5:1-11

To the Apostle “the day of the Lord” was near. He expected it in his lifetime, and if we remember that the Lord’s words with reference to it were in part fulfilled when Jerusalem fell, it is clear that his expectation was not altogether vain.

The suddenness of the Advent was the theme of Jesus’ reiterated assurances. See Mat 24:38; Mat 24:43; Luk 17:29-30. The world spends its days in careless indifference (sleep), or in sensual enjoyment (drunkenness); but believers are bidden to be soldier-like in their attire and watchfulness. Ponder that wonderful word in 1Th 5:10. Together implies that Christians now living are closely united with those who have died. The state we call death, but which the Apostle calls sleep-because our Lord’s resurrection has robbed it of its terror-is as full of vitality as the life which we live day by day in this world. We live together, animated by the same purposes-they on that side and we on this. Whether here or there, life is “in Him.” The closer we live to Him, the nearer we are to them.