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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Timothy 1:12 - 1:12

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An Example of Christ’s Long-Suffering

1Ti 1:12-20

The Apostle breaks off into expressions of heartfelt thanks to God for the abounding grace which had overcome his former obstinacy and blindness. Only his ignorance could palliate his outrage and insult toward Christ, who was now the beloved object of his entire surrender. He had been a blasphemer against God, Act 26:9-11; a persecutor towards his fellow-men, Gal 1:13; injurious, insolent, full of overweening pride. He felt that he had been the chief of sinners, because he had sinned against more knowledge and opportunity than others. It is only when we see God, that we know ourselves and repent in dust and ashes. The Apostle, however, comforted himself in this at least, that through coming time the most hopeless and abandoned sinners would take heart as they considered his case. He was a sample of mercy, a specimen of what Christ could do, an outline sketch to be filled in. Believe on Christ. Faith rests on Christ as foundation. Peter and John use another preposition, toward, or into, i.e., they conceive of union with him, to which all else is preliminary. War the good warfare, that against sin. When men thrust away faith and a good conscience, they stab their pilot and make shipwreck. See 2Ti 2:17-18; 2Ti 4:14-15.