Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Timothy 4:9 - 4:9

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Timothy 4:9 - 4:9

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“Take Heed to Thyself”

1Ti 4:9-16

In all Christian service we must set our hope on the living God. Nothing counts apart from God. Prayer implies that all our gifts and efforts cover only a small part of our efficiency. There are infinite resources in God, which He is waiting to employ in human affairs, and of which we fail to make use. The Christian worker, therefore, must not only labor and strive, but must hope in the living God, whose saving grace is at the disposal of our faith. The faith exercised by the average man results in obtaining only natural things; the supernatural is secured by the faith of those who have made profounder discoveries of God, and can therefore make demands on His resources, which are hidden from the princes of this world.

In order to succeed, we must give ourselves wholly to our work for God. In answer to prayer great gifts had been communicated to Timothy, but he had to give heed to them, use them, and stir up the slumbering embers of the fire, kindled at his ordination. It is worthy of notice that the Apostle’s injunctions do not include a single allusion to priestly or sacramental service, but urge to boldness of character, 1Ti 4:12; diligent study, 1Ti 4:13; rigorous orthodoxy, 1Ti 4:16; and the daily self-watch of the soul, 1Ti 4:16. Take to heart the blessed assurance of the closing sentence of the chapter.