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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Timothy 5:9 - 5:9

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Home-Keeping Industry Enjoined

1Ti 5:9-16

The sphere of the younger woman must be in the home. This is the noblest work of all, and wherever it exists, it has the prior claim; yet even during the years of early motherhood there may still be opportunities of offering hospitality to strangers, ministering to the children of God who need refreshment and comfort, and diligently assisting in good work. These offices lovingly and humbly performed, will serve as a gracious opening for further ministries of the same description in the later period of life.

The Apostle says nothing about remarriage in general, but simply refers to the fact that young women who have become widows are likely to accept the offer of a second marriage, and so abjure that first faith, in which they had pledged themselves to the service of the church. Unless there is great watchfulness, the practice of going from house to house, ostensibly on church business, may degenerate into gossip-mongering. Therefore it was wiser not to put young women on the church service roll. If they did not marry a second time, they might at least work for the maintenance of others, widows like themselves, but less able to help themselves. There must be no idling.