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Through the Bible Day by Day - 1 Timothy 6:1 - 6:1

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Godliness Is True Gain

1Ti 6:1-10

The Apostle gives rules for the treatment of the slaves who rendered service in the households of that time. If the slave was in the household of a heathen master, he must honor and glorify Christ by being respectful and obedient; but if the master was a Christian, and therefore a brother in the Lord, he was still required to yield courteous and willing service. Service rendered for the love of God must not be inferior to that rendered from fear of man.

There were many false teachers in the early Church, the chief aim of whom was to make money. They were proud and distempered, jealous and suspicious, juggling with words and given to splitting hairs. Godliness truly is great gain. It makes us content with what we have, and it opens to us stores of blessedness which the wealth of a Croesus could not buy. It is good to have just what is necessary. More than that breeds anxiety. Let us leave the provision for our needs with God. He is pledged to give food and covering, the latter including shelter. Not money, but the love of it opens the sluices and floodgates of the soul, through which wash the destroying waters of passion that drown men in destruction and perdition. Remember that you can carry nothing out of this world except your character.