Through the Bible Day by Day - 2 Samuel 6:12 - 6:12

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Through the Bible Day by Day - 2 Samuel 6:12 - 6:12

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the Ark Tabernacled in the City of David

2Sa 6:12-23

Josephus tells us that from the moment the Ark rested beneath Obed-edom’s roof, a tide of golden prosperity set in, and he passed from poverty to wealth. But 1Ch 26:4-10 sheds a new light on the subject, for there we learn that the whole family became attached to the service of the Lord’s house, and even the grandchildren became mighty. If only we would open our homes to God’s Ark-that is, if we maintained the observances of religion for our children and dependents-for us also there would be similar blessing. One likes to imagine the reverence and joy with which those boys and girls lay down to sleep at night, feeling that the symbol of God’s presence was in the house.

This time the prescribed ritual was minutely observed. The warning given by Uzzah’s death had aroused the entire nation to a realization of their indifference and neglect. The stroke had been terrible, but the effect was eminently salutary. It seemed as if the flood-gates of David’s joy had been thrown wide open, and he could not contain his ecstasy. Then from an overflowing heart, he turned to bless his people. The one event that marred the day was poor Michal’s bitter speech. There is no perfect joy in this world; every rose has its thorn.