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Through the Bible Day by Day - Colossians 1:1 - 1:1

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the Gospel Bearing Fruit

Col 1:1-8

The saints are men of faith, for their holiness is derived from Christ, but they are also faithful men, and will not betray their trust. Grace is the Greek and peace the Hebrew greeting. We can do a great deal with those whom we desire to correct or instruct, if we begin by commending all that is worthy of being praised. Thus the Apostle rejoices in the evidences of the trinity of Christian graces-Faith, Hope, and Love. His prayer-book was filled with intercession. One marvels at the accomplishment of this extraordinary man, who, in addition to his travels, labors, writings, and toil for his daily bread, had time for such abundant prayerfulness.

There is a note of triumph in his reference to the reception given to the gospel in all the world. The handful of corn on the top of the mountains was already beginning to shake like Lebanon. It seemed as though victory was assured; and if only the Church had possessed more men like him, the world would have been saved some sad experiences. Note the unaffected humility of the Apostle in classing Epaphras with himself as his beloved fellow-servant in the household of God.