Through the Bible Day by Day - Colossians 1:9 - 1:9

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Through the Bible Day by Day - Colossians 1:9 - 1:9

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Our Wondrous Privileges in Christ

Col 1:9-20

Here is a paragraph which may fitly form part of our daily intercession for ourselves and others. We all need a quicker insight into God’s will, and this is only acquired through the wisdom and understanding communicated by the Holy Spirit to our spirits. But that understanding is conditioned, as in Col 1:10, by a daily behavior which pleases God and bears fruit in every good work. It is as we slowly climb the ascent of consistent living that the landscape of God’s nature expands around us. As character and knowledge grow, so will our spiritual strength; but notice that frequently such strength is needed not so much for great exploits, as for the patient bearing of the Cross, Col 1:11.

In view of the fact that we are being qualified for an inheritance in light, there should be a song of perennial thanksgiving proceeding from us. What a wonder that the sons of ignorance and night can dwell in the Eternal Light, through the Eternal Love! It is not enough to receive the forgiveness of sins, we must be conformed to the image of the Son, who is Himself the image of the Father, Col 1:15. Notice the pre-eminence of Jesus-in creation, Col 1:16; in the Church, Col 1:18; in resurrection, Col 1:18; and in the great enterprise of reconciliation and restoration, Col 1:20. Let Him be pre-eminent for us also!