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Through the Bible Day by Day - Daniel 6:16 - 6:16

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“Persecuted for Righteousness’ Sake”

Dan 6:16-28

The plot was an atrocious one, but it hurt its perpetrators more than the victim of their vindictive hatred, Dan 6:24. They dug a pit into which they fell themselves. They thought to flatter the king, and secure Daniel’s fall; but their stratagems were like the mines laid at the mouth of a harbor, which are more perilous to those who set them than to others. Still God sends His angels to shut the lions’ mouths, that they may not hurt His people, strongly conscious of uprightness before God and man. It is not necessary to suppose that Daniel saw the angel any more than we behold the horses and chariots in the mountains around us. Dare to believe that the ministering angels, though unseen, engirdle you and intercept the blows and plots of your adversaries. Walk before God in righteousness and peace, and be sure that you are immortal till your work is done. That a heathen king should publish such a proclamation is a glimpse into the divine wisdom that can make His mighty power known by the strangest circumstances.