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Through the Bible Day by Day - Daniel 8:1 - 8:1

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God’s Sanctuary Dishonored

Dan 8:1-14

Shushan was the lily palace. There, by the river Ulai, the prophet beheld in vision the attack which would subsequently be made on the Medo-Persian kingdom by Alexander. The great horn which was broken is, of course, Alexander, and the four notable ones are his four generals, who after his death divided up his conquests. The little horn is referred by many to Antiochus, whose conflict with the Maccabees was one of the most significant in later Jewish history. Others refer it to Mohammed and his followers, who have reigned over the same regions. In this case the little horn would stand for the Eastern apostasy as distinguished from the Western, which is said to be represented by the little horn of the fourth beast, Dan 7:8. The Books of the Maccabees, included in the Apocrypha, should be studied to understand more clearly what is intended in Dan 8:11-12. The explanation of these obscure verses is also given in Dan 8:24-25. Antiochus was obsessed with hatred against the spiritual worship of the Jews, and their refusal to admit his image into the Temple. He stayed their sacrifices, though they were restored for a season, to be finally suspended during the present age. The day for a year system, Dan 8:14, may refer to the desolations of the Turkish or Ottoman empire, of which Antiochus was the representative.