Through the Bible Day by Day - Deuteronomy 9:15 - 9:15

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Through the Bible Day by Day - Deuteronomy 9:15 - 9:15

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Moses’ Intercession for a Rebellious People

Deu 9:15-29

During the remainder of this chapter Moses continues to remind the people of their rebellions. It is well, when we are tempted to self-adulation, to listen to that faithful monitor, conscience, recording our evil past. We are apt to forget our many provocations of God, especially when the smart of the rod is over. But we have all had our Horebs, Taberahs, Marahs, Kibroth-hataavahs and Kadesh-barneas, 1Co 10:11.

Again and again would the people have been destroyed, if human justice had decided their case. But Moses, the mediator, knew the holy love of God’s heart; and expressed it in his prayers on their behalf. See Deu 9:18; Deu 9:20; Deu 9:25-29. We are reminded of Him who ever liveth to make intercession for us within the veil, Heb 6:20; Heb 7:26-27; Heb 9:24. Let us imitate Moses in his life of intercessions; and mark well his arguments that we may use them for ourselves and others.