Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 15:19 - 15:19

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Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 15:19 - 15:19

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Marah’s Waters Sweetened; Elim’s Rest

Exo 15:19-27

How rapid are the transitions of life! Today the song of victory, tomorrow the bitter wells of Marah, and the next the shadow of Elim’s palms! One moment we are singing the joyous song of victory on the shores of the Red Sea, strewn with the bodies of foes, which we believe that we have seen for the last time; and then, by a sudden change, we find ourselves standing beside Marah-waters of pain and disappointment. We, however, learn more of God at Marah than at Elim; because He reveals to us the tree of the Cross. It was there that our Lord gave up His will absolutely to the Father. See Heb 10:5-7. “He bare our sins in His own body on the tree.” Now, for us, there is but one way to bear sorrow and to extract its sweetness. We must yield our will to God; we must accept what He permits; we must do what He bids. So we come to find that dis-appointments are His appointments.