Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 25:1 - 25:1

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Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 25:1 - 25:1

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Moses Shown God’s Plan for the Tabernacle

Exo 24:12-18; Exo 25:1-9

There were four concentric circles, so to speak, represented as gathered around the burning center of the Divine Presence. In the outer circle, the people, Exo 24:2; Exo 24:17; next, the seventy elders, Exo 24:9; Exo 24:14; then, Joshua, Exo 24:13; Exo 32:17, and lastly, Moses, Exo 24:18. These represent respectively, the unenlightened; those whose religious life is hindered by their excessive devotion to the flesh; the few whose fellowship is liable to be interrupted by the war-clarion; and those who have been made nigh unto God in Jesus Christ our Lord, and have been baptized into the Holy Spirit. To which group have we attained? We are invited to draw nigh, let us act on the invitation. See Heb 10:19-20. There is always room at the top, and there we may stand, beholding, as in a glass, the glory of the Lord. Notice that God said, Come up unto Me. He longs to have our love and faith; His delights are with the sons of men; at great cost He has opened the door of access, Rom 5:1-2. We need God, but God wants us, and therefore the construction of the Tabernacle is next arranged, that He may dwell with man upon the earth.