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Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 25:23 - 25:23

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the Table of Showbread and the Lampstand

Exo 25:23-40

The Table of the Showbread, or Presence-bread, held the twelve loaves, which represented the tribes of Israel. It was three feet long, one foot, six inches broad, and two feet, three inches high. The border or edging of gold around the top kept its contents from falling off. The loaves were changed each week, and when removed, were eaten only by the priests. See Mar 2:26. Surely the suggestion of this table, standing, as it did, immediately before the veil on the outer side, was intended to teach that the purity and devotion of Israel were as bread to God. He taketh pleasure in them that fear Him. We also feed with God on the beauty and glory of our Savior’s obedience unto death.

The candlestick, with its seven branches, cost $35,000, and is a type of Christ, the Light of the World, and of the people of God when illuminated by the Divine Fire and shining amid the darkness around. See Zec 4:2; Joh 8:12; Rev 1:13.