Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 29:19 - 29:19

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Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 29:19 - 29:19

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the Consecration Offerings

Exo 29:19-30

The second ram of the consecration ceremony yielded its blood to be placed on ear and hand and foot. We are thus taught that our senses, deeds and goings are to be dedicated to God. Though the garments, which had just been put on, were perfectly new, they were besprinkled with blood and oil from head to foot. To our eyes a grievous disfigurement; but the Holy Spirit thus signified that even beauty is subordinate to the necessity for God’s forgiveness and anointing. Whenever the priest beheld his dress he was reminded of his unworthiness, and of the abundant grace of God. Of course, the Lord Jesus needed no such preparation. He was holy, harmless and separate from sinners.

Part of the flesh was waved heavenward and burned, as though God fed on it, while part was eaten by the priests. It was as though God and they feasted together in one holy sacrament, the symbol of their at-one-ment.