Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 4:18 - 4:18

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Through the Bible Day by Day - Exodus 4:18 - 4:18

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Moses and Aaron Announce God’s Purpose to Israel

Exo 4:18-31

So often the keenest tests of a man’s fitness for his life-work are furnished by his behavior in his home. It may be that Zipporah had resisted the earlier imposition on her son of the initial rite of the Jewish faith and her proud soul had to yield. No man who has put his hand to God’s plow can take counsel with flesh and blood, or look back. At whatever cost we must set our own house in order, before we can emancipate a nation.

When God designs it, He will contrive for us to meet the man, or men, who are to help us in our life mission. Our paths meet in the Mount of God. When the Alps were bored for the railway track, the work started on either side, and the workers met in the middle. Help is coming to you from unexpected quarters, and will meet you when you need it most.