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Through the Bible Day by Day - Ezra 7:1 - 7:1

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a Missionary Journey

Ezr 7:1-18

An interval of sixty years intervened between the events of Ezr 6:1-22 and Ezr 7:1-28, and in that time the history recorded in the book of Esther took place. This chapter is full of helpful thoughts. Note the description of Ezra’s character-A ready scribe- Ezr 7:6. He not only knew the Law, but he set his heart to seek and do, Ezr 7:10. The only way to understand Scripture is to be prepared to do it. What a contrast to Mat 23:3! Let us not resemble the finger-post, which directs the traveler, but stirs not a step along the road it points. Note the secret of Ezra’s success, the good hand of God. This is a characteristic phrase of Ezra and Nehemiah. That hand answers prayer, Ezr 7:6; speeds our way, as much in railway trains as in caravans, Ezr 7:9; and strengthens us for service, Ezr 7:28. The strong, tender hand of God is laid on our hands, as a father’s on those of the son learning to draw a bow, Gen 49:24. And when God’s hand is on us, it is also on others, preparing them to cooperate. When God needs an instrument, He will come to men of Ezra’s spirit.