Through the Bible Day by Day - Ezra 7:19 - 7:19

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Through the Bible Day by Day - Ezra 7:19 - 7:19

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a King’s Bounty

Ezr 7:19-28

Ezra’s commission was very ample. Those who officiated or assisted in Temple service were exonerated from taxation. Full permission was given to take all voluntary gifts of money. Orders were issued for the supply of food and other necessities. He was also appointed governor of all Jews west of the Euphrates. The royal bounty was very generous. Here was the harvest of Daniel’s prayers and tears. God did exceeding abundantly unto His people beyond all that they had asked or thought. Notice how Ezra’s love for God’s law impressed Artaxerxes with the conviction that it was perfect. He commanded that the will of God should be the supreme court of reference to Ezra and his brethren in the disposal of the free-will offerings. He further enjoined that they should do exactly the commands of the God of heaven, and ordained that all who refused should be punished. So great was his respect for the Law, that he left Ezra to do very much as he thought best. This reverence on the part of a heathen monareh for God’s law shames us. Let us make more of it ourselves! Let us be people of the Book, and exalt it as we are exalted by it, in the judgment even of those who do not revere it!