Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 1:6 - 1:6

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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 1:6 - 1:6

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Sky, Earth, Seasons

Gen 1:6-19

There were successive stages in creation. The days probably represent long periods. It is so with the new creation in our hearts. See 2Co 5:17. In nature the clouds that float above us are separated from the waters at our feet so in Christian experience we must seek to quench our thirst not only from below, but from above. See Col 3:1-4. Our wells must be filled from Heaven. Notice how in creation there are repeated separations, as between Day and Night, Seas and Lands; so as we live in the Spirit, we are quicker to distinguish not only between white and black, but the different shades of gray. The test of plant-life is the power of reproducing their kind; we are always reproducing ourselves in others, and sowing wheat or poppies. If God maintains suns and planets in bright and ordered beauty, He can keep us, Isa 40:26-27.