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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 11:10 - 11:10

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the Generations until Abram

Gen 11:10-32

The inwardness of the movement of Terah’s clan from Ur is given in Act 7:3. Apparently his father was unwilling for Abram to go alone on his far-pilgrimage, and so the whole family moved along the valley of the Euphrates to the famous ford of Haran. There was no other practicable way by which travelers could strike the route for Canaan. But Terah never advanced beyond that point; and it was only when his father was dead that Abram resumed his march. See Act 7:4. Let us beware lest the ties of human affection withhold us from entire obedience to the call of God. The word Hebrew means “one who has crossed over.” It was especially applicable to Abraham. See Gen 14:13. It may be that you are living on the world’s side of the Cross. Come over, though you should have to break dear associations. Be one who has passed through death to resurrection. See Col 3:1-4.