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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 13:1 - 13:1

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Abram and Lot Part

Gen 13:1-13

The patriarch, like a restored backslider, made his way back to the old spot, on the highlands of Bethel, where his first tent and altar had stood. Through his wanderings hitherto there had been a depressing element of worldliness in his camp, through the presence of Lot, who, like many more, was swept along by his uncle’s religion, but had little of his own. Feeling that separation was inevitable, and that God would surely care for him, Abram offered Lot his choice. See Psa 16:5. The younger man chose according to the sight of his eyes. In his judgment he gained the world-but see 2Pe 2:7-8. The world is full of Lots-shallow, impulsive, doomed to be revealed by their choice and end. “Let there be no strife!” Blessed are the peacemakers! Wherever the interests of peace can be conserved through the sacrifice of your own interests, be prepared to forfeit the advantage, but stand like a rock when God’s truth is in balance.