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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 14:1 - 14:1

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Abram at Hebron; Lot Taken Captive

Gen 13:14-18; Gen 14:1-12

Lot lifted up his eyes for himself, but when the last of Lot’s followers had streamed out of the camp, God bade Abram lift up his eyes, not to choose, but to behold what God had chosen for him. He must first estimate his possessions, and then enjoy them. Let us count up our treasures in Christ, and use them. Lot grasped at and lost his all. Abram left and inherited all. Notice how prodigal God’s provision is: “All the land… for ever… as the dust… the length and breadth.” It was a far cry from the valley of the Euphrates to Sodom, and the little confederate kings dared to rebel against Chedorlaomer, who swept over their lands like a sirocco, and marched up the valley of the Jordan, laden with booty, and carrying Lot. You cannot have the sweets of the world and miss its bitters. The path of separation is the only way of safety and peace!