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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 17:15 - 17:15

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Isaac Is Promised

Gen 17:15-27

There are two allusions to laughter in these chapters. Sarah’s was the laugh of incredulity, see Gen 18:12; but Abraham’s was the laugh of happy confidence, which reckoned on God. As r.v. puts it, he looked his difficulties in the face, and then turned away to the promise of God, and wavered not, but waxed strong, giving glory to God. Ponder Rom 4:20-21. Therefore, he obtained promises for his wife, for Ishmael, and for the coming child, which was to bear the name of Laughter, partly because of that hour, and also because he would bring sunshine into the old man’s life. His heart had entwined about Ishmael. As he had watched the masterful and clever youth, he had said to himself, “He will hold the camp together when I am gone.” But the divine covenant could not be with one that had slave-blood in his veins and was not to abide in the house forever. See Joh 8:35; Gal 4:22. The covenant is always with Isaac.