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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 18:1 - 18:1

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Abraham Entertains Heavenly Visitors

Gen 18:1-15

The Son of God is the central figure here. He loves the homes of men. It has ever been His wont to visit the homes and hearts of those who love him. See Pro 8:31. Abraham knew well that the High and Lofty One, who inhabits eternity, had come to dwell with him. Others might see only three men, but he recognized his divine friend, addressing Him as “My Lord;” and when the two angels went forward alone to do their awful work in Sodom, he entered into close converse with the wondrous central figure, who remained with him still. He gave personal service, and so did Sarah. They gave their very best, fine, tender, and good. And in their love the Lord found satisfaction and rest. But remember that He still stands at the door and knocks. Ponder Joh 14:23; Rev 3:20. Christ tells His secrets to those He loves. His proposals and promises are so great that we can almost laugh with incredulity, but the question of Gen 18:14 is answered by Jer 32:17. Reckon on God’s faithfulness; He cannot fail those who trust Him.