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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 18:16 - 18:16

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Abraham Pleads for Sodom

Gen 18:16-33

Christ had visited Abraham’s tent, but He did more. He trusted him with His secrets, and led him almost unconsciously to a degree of faith and prayer that was far beyond what he had hitherto attained. Abraham seemed to be driving the Blessed One from point to point, but as a matter of fact, he was being drawn forward. It was so with the woman of Syrophenicia. God’s love and willingness to bless far exceeded Abraham’s faith, and when he had gone as far as he dared the divine love went farther and saved Lot from the overthrow. We can never go into the realms of love and compassion, without finding the footsteps of the Redeemer. See Heb 10:22. Amid all the mysteries of God’s moral government we must always believe that He is just and righteous. His throne is encircled by the rainbow, but it is founded in unimpeachable integrity. How low Abraham lay in his self-estimate! They who know most of God do not presume on their knowledge, but esteem themselves the least of saints.