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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 19:1 - 19:1

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Angels with Lot in Sodom

Gen 19:1-11

This chapter withdraws the veil from the ministry of angels. The Lord of Angels stayed with Abraham on the heights. He also, in future ages, was to descend into human Sodoms to seek and save the lost, but at present He delegated this work to angels until the fullness of the time was come. The visit of the angels was due to Abraham’s prayer. How often do angels speed to our dear ones for whom we have prayed! To that ship laboring in the storm, to that deep, dark forest, to that new settlement, into the slums of that wicked city! Two references in the Gospels to this scene show how carefully it was being watched by the pure and holy eyes of the Son of man. In Mat 11:23-24, it seems as though He knew well those streets, and would gladly have passed through them, healing and saving. In Luk 17:28 He adds some further particulars of the careless unconcern of those who would not heed the warnings implied in the story of Gen 14:1-24.