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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 22:1 - 22:1

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Abraham Ready to Offer Isaac

Gen 22:1-13

Faith must be proved. Only in trial does she put forth her strength or dare the impossible. Satan tempts to bring forth the bad, God to call forth into exercise our highest and best. God went every step of the way with His servant, who was called into closer fellowship with himself than any other of the human race. Moriah was a miniature of Calvary, where God spared not His only Son. Abraham’s obedience was immediate. He arose early in the morning. It was exact. It was performed in the spirit of worship. It was contagious, for Isaac used the same expression to his father, as he to God-“Here am I.” Apparently he had no need to acquaint Sarah with the object of his journey; he was so sure that the divine promise could not fail. He said to his young men, “We will come unto you.” If it were necessary, he knew that God would raise him from the dead. See Heb 11:19. Isaac asked, “Where is the lamb?” John the Baptist answered in Joh 1:29.