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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 22:14 - 22:14

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the Promise Sealed with an Oath

Gen 22:14-24

It was only at the last moment that the ram was shown and substituted. It is when we get to the mount of sacrifice that God’s deliverance is seen. It was when Pharaoh had almost overtaken Israel that their way was cleft through the Red Sea. It was in the early dawn that Jesus came walking on the water. The angel delivered Peter just before the time of his execution. God is never a moment too soon, or too late. What an outburst of blessing! It was a perfect cloudburst! When we have obeyed God to the uttermost and glorified Him in the fires, there is no limit to the fruit-fullness or increase with which we shall become enriched. God puts His key into the hands of the faith that absolutely trusts Him, saying, “Take what you will.” Let us not forget that, as the children of Abraham by faith, we are His heirs, and may reverently lay claim to a share in these glorious promises. See Gal 3:9.