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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 24:50 - 24:50

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Rebekah Marries Isaac

Gen 24:50-67

Rebekah’s relatives recognized the hand of God in what had taken place, and could not demur. The maiden herself was not asked, according to Oriental custom, but in her readiness on the following morning to start forthwith, it was clear that her heart had been already won. This favorable reply prostrated Eliezer to the earth with thankfulness. Would that we were always as eager to praise as to pray. The precious gifts with which the whole family were enriched, remind us of those gifts and graces with which the Holy Spirit, the Divine Wooer, enriches the soul that accepts His invitation to yield itself to the Divine Master, Christ. When her friends suggested delay, Rebekah would not hear of it. With his jewels on her person, the young girl longed to see the bridegroom himself. Her “I will go” settled the matter. The foretastes of our heavenly inheritance whet our appetite to see and be with him, whom, not having seen, we love.