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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 29:1 - 29:1

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Jacob in Laban’s Home

Gen 29:1-20

Well might Jacob lift up his feet! See margin. When we are sure of God we receive strength that enables us to run with patience the race that is set before us. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and we have a special claim on His guidance in our matrimonial alliances-the most solemn and momentous step of all. There were many good qualities in Rachel, fitting her to be a good wife. Her humility and industry, her patience under the oppression of the unmannerly shepherds, her haste to share her joy with her father-all these elicited Jacob’s love. What a touch of old-world and new-world poetry is in those words of Gen 29:20! Where Love is queen time is too short, labor never hard, distance never long, sacrifice unheard of! Oh, that we so loved our Lord, that for the missionary toiling through long years, and the invalid condemned to a life of pain, affliction might appear light and but for a moment.